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FasTracKids is an educational, fast-paced, highly interactive, cutting edge learning program that seeks to empower children with a mastery of communication and social skills. This unique emphasis shows an improvement of 150-200% against their peers in how your child speaks and interacts with others! The classes are social, small, and engaging. By using SMART board technology, conducting experiments, working on projects, and engaging in public speaking activities, your child explores a variety of advanced subjects ranging from Earth Science to Astronomy to Economics. What’s great is that students’ sessions are video taped and emailed home to parents! Read More

JEI academic programs are for ages pre-k through 14. JEI Math, English, Problem Solving, Reading, & Writing is a world renowned individualized workbook-based self-learning program, developed in S. Korea, designed to improve overall academic performance and build confidence at school. We cater to each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses by our FREE Diagnostic test. Students come to the center for 1-2 hours per week and receive personal attention and feedback from a certified JEI instructor. Through this program kids develop positive study habits and associations with learning.



“JEI helped my daughter get her confidence back in school. She said she was ahead of most of her classmates. She loves the teachers at the JEI center.”


“My kids want to go to FasTracKids every day. They learned the 3 states of matter (Solid, Gas, Liquid)!!! Amazing!”


“My daughter said, "Magnetism is an invisible force that can repel apart from each other or stick together. This is from my 6 year old. She loves Fastrackids.”


“Teachers at the center are so caring and creative. The JEI system really helped my son. ”


“Amazing programs. My son has improved so much!!”


“I sent my kids there two days a week and their grades improved drastically. Their Math grades improved first. Reading and writing took a little longer.We're very happy!!”


“Thank you, JEI Bellmore for your support!”


“Great programs!”

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    FasTracKids Class

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    Anatomy of Me, Biology Class

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    FasTracKids - Biology Class

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    FasTracKids Music

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    Vediotaped Presentation

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    Inside of my body , Sep 2010

Latest Events

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    FREE FasTracKids Class
    for ages 3-8 for subject "Earth Science"

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    11/14/2015 National Essay Contest
    For students in grades 2-7

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Latest News

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    Sept 2015- Sunday hours
    Sept 2 - Dec 31
    "We're open on Sunday's from 10am-12pm!"

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    Oct., 2015 - FasTracKids Signature
    The FTK class is now offered on Saturdays from 9:30am-11:30am

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    Sept-Oct, 2015 - FasTracKids
    FasTracKids current subject "Speech & Drama "
    "Astronomy" is our next subject...